Monday, January 30, 2012

I ride my bicycle to ride my bicycle

A Zen proverb about bicycling:

A Zen teacher saw five of his students returning from the market, riding their bicycles.  When they arrived at the monastery and dismounted their bicycles, the teacher asked the students, "Why are you riding your bicycles?"

The first student said, "It is the bicycle that is carrying the sack of potatoes.  I am glad that my back has escaped the pain of bearing the weight"

The teacher was glad and said, "You are a smart boy.  When you become old you will be saved of a hunch back unlike me."

The second student had a different answer.  “I love to have my eyes over the trees and the sprawling fields as I go riding," he said.  The teacher commented, "You have your eyes open and you see the world."

The third student came up with yet a different answer and said, "When I ride I am content to chant 'nam myoho renge kyo.'"

The teacher spoke these words of appreciation, "Your mind will roll with ease like a newly trued wheel."

The fourth student said, "Riding my bicycle I live in perfect harmony of things."  The pleased teacher said, "You are actually riding the golden path of non-harming or non-violence."

The fifth student said, "I ride my bicycle to ride my bicycle."

The teacher walked up to him and sat at his feet and said, "I am your disciple!"

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Spread the Word!

Top four reasons you should tell everyone you meet about Ride for the Feast:

4. Spreading the word helps us ensure our 10th Anniversary RFTF will be our most special and successful Ride yet!

3. We always need more Crew members/groups - Crew is our term for the amazing
volunteers that truly make this event possible.  Click here to read the many ways Crew support the Ride.

2. Telling your friend's and family about this event will give you a stronger support network, which will lead to more donations to your fundraising goal and perhaps some fun training partners.

1. More Ride for the Feast supporters = more Moveable Feast supporters, which helps us serve more Marylanders in need.  Remember that YOU are the best advocate for Moveable Feast and the men, women and children who depend on our services.  THANK YOU. 

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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."
~ Margaret Mead