Sunday, January 30, 2011

"Getting Started As a Rider"

Hey Riders! You should have received our latest "News Bites, RIDE Edition," which went out on January 26th. It highlighted the latest information about participating in Ride For The Feast 2011.

Topics included:
1. Rider Orientation Guide
2. First Orientation Ride
3. Staying Socially Connected
4. Positive Pedalers Baltimore
5. Save the Date
6. RFTF Chili Cook-Off
7. Indoor Training Rides
8. Ride Stats

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Team DragonFLY Bike Giveaway!

Team DragonFLY will be giving away a brand new 2011 Fuji ABSOLUTE 3.0 Hybrid bicycle.

Anyone is eligible to enter the raffle: Raffle tickets cost $10 apiece - to enter, simply donate $10 to their general donation page, found here.

To compile the list of entrants, Moveable Feast and Team DragonFLY will tabulate donations from now until the end of the raffle. 

Don't forget to support Team DragonFLY and Ride for the Feast by adding yourself to the official Facebook event here

The winner will be chosen on March 28th!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Team DietTribe Seed Fundraiser

Team Diet Tribe, one of our Ride for the Feast teams, will be holding a seed fundraiser to raise money for Moveable Feast and the Ride!

How can you help Diet Tribe & Moveable Feast? We will be selling packets of "Botanical Interests Seed Collections." Moveable Feast will receive 40% of all sales, on behalf of Diet Tribe and Ride for the Feast. The seeds come in a pretty gift box and are great for upcoming birthdays or holidays!

To see the seed selection flier and order form, please click here.

When should orders be placed by? All orders must be placed by Valentine's Day, February 14th. To place a seed order, please contact dietitian Sara McClean.

When will my seeds arrive? Seeds will arrive on or around April 1st.

I don't need seeds. How can I still support Ride for the Feast? That's easy! You can get still support Moveable Feast in a very personal and direct way. The following seed retailers have long been strong supporters of Moveable Feast and our mission. You can purchase seeds from any of the following retailers and have the seeds shipped to Moveable Feast (attn: Sara McClean). We'll use your seeds to grow vegetables and fruits to feed our clients!

Team Diet Tribe and Ride for the Feast thank you for your support!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Meadow Mill Resolution Spin Schedule

Teresa from Meadow Mill Athletic Club has announced the spring spin class schedule. As a former Rider for Ride for the Feast, Teresa knows what it takes to train for riding 140 miles in two days.

The schedule has been posted under "Indoor Training Rides" on the Ride for the Feast website.

Check out the schedule here.

Teresa's spin classes will be held every Saturday and Sunday in January, February, and March. Saturday classes will begin at 11:00AM, and Sunday classes will begin at 10:15AM. All classes are $10 for non-members and $5 for members of Meadow Mill. All funds raised will be donated to Moveable Feast.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bike Baltimore Challenge - B'more Chilly

Can't wait for the gorgeous May weather of the Ride for the Feast? If you're still biking outside in the winter months, consider taking part in the Bike Baltimore Challenge to become the B'more Chilly King or Queen!

Bike Baltimore is challenging Baltimore City cyclists who brave the winter snow, ice and cold winds on their bikes to a contest to crown B'more's Chilly King or Queen!

The contest will run on Foursquare to see who can bike and check-in to the most bike-related venues between January 10th and February 14th, 2011. The winner gets a $100 gift certificate to REI, a great place to buy winter weather gear. Everyone that participates will be recognized at the end of the contest.

To participate, register by January 10 at

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Team Atomic Spanish Tapas & Sangria Fundraiser

(Click here to read the original blog post on Moveable Feast's official blog.)

Team Atomic, one of our teams for Ride For The Feast, will be holding a fundraiser on Saturday, January 15th, from 5-9PM.

Join them for a delectable evening of nibbling on tasty Spanish tapas and sipping on a wide variety of sangria - a menu hand-picked by the members of Team Atomic themselves! The goal for the night is to raise $1000 for Team Atomic and Ride for the Feast!

Suggested donation of $20....but a donation of $30 or more grants you a raffle ticket to win a 2011 Team Atomic pin-up calendar. The calendar features exclusive, unique photography by retro-glam photographer Mike Lee.

Donations will be accepted on-site or online. For more information and to donate, please click here.

For the official Facebook event, please click here.

Hosted by Team Atomic cyclists Marion Penn, Diana Giglio, & Shaun, Sheila, and Jack Callahan. The fundraiser will be held at the Callahan's, located at 2009 W. Rogers Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21209.