Friday, April 27, 2012

RFTF RIDERS - Important Bus & Bike Details

Calling all registered Ride for the Feast cyclists:
Please read the information below to understand how to purchase a bus ticket, when/where the bus is leaving from & when you need to drop-off your bike at Moveable Feast.

Not sure if you bought a bus ticket?
Click here to see an entire purchase list (updated on April 30, 5 PM).

Bus Ticket
Deadline to buy: Wednesday, May 2, Click here to buy a bus ticket.
Bus Depature Information
- Date: Friday, May 18
- Time:  Please plan to arrive around noon, as the bus is planning to leave by 12:30 pm.
- Location: Johns Hopkins Orleans Street Garage
- Parking Info: Free parking will be provided – but please carpool if possible
- Note: No physical bus ticket will be sent to you; instead you will check-in with a Moveable Feast staff member when you arrive to the parking garage on 5/18.

You will keep your luggage on the bus with you.  However your bike needs to be dropped off at Moveable Feast earlier that day, or earlier that week.

Bikes Drop-Off Information
Bikes are transported to Ocean City by moving trucks.  To have your bike transported, you must drop if off at Moveable Feast during one of the time's below:- Tuesday, May 15 from 5pm to 7pm
- Wednesday, May 16  from 7am to 5pm
- Thursday, May 17 from 7am to 5pm
- Friday, May 18 from 7am to 12:00pm

 If the times above are inconvenient for you, we can work together to find another time.  There is no charge associated with transporting the bikes; only for taking the bus.

- Drop-Off Location: Moveable Feast, Our offices are located at 901 North Milton Avenue, which is a short drive to the Johns Hopkins Orleans Stret Garage.

Bikes Pick-Up Information

- Pick-Up Location: Atlantic United Methodist Church, Ocean City, MD
- Pick-Up Date/Time: Friday, May 18, between 3:00 - 5:00 PM
- Pick-Up Procedures:  Once we arrive to Ocean City, you will check-in and claim your bike.  You are responsible for your bike and will take it with you to your lodging accommodations for the evening.

Thank you for your hard work training, fundraising and recruiting riders/crew!

Me (left) and Moveable Feast
volunteer, Emily Sze!

Please contact me with any questions:
Elana Kanter, Events Manager @ Moveable Feast
410.327.3420 x11

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tips from a Moveable Feast Dietitian

Meet Jinee Burdg, the Supervising Dietitian
at Moveable Feast.
Congratulations on making it past the first big hurdle: registration!  Committing to bring nutrition meals to an individual’s table by raising at least $1300 AND riding 140 miles is a big deal.  So pat yourself on the back, take a deep breath, and let’s prep your body for this amazing journey.

Over the next several weeks leading up to the big weekend, I’m your personal registered dietitian...just a click away.  My name is Jinee, and you can email me at  

Let’s talk about food!  
So you’re about 4 weeks out from THE RIDE.  As a general rule of thumb, focus on eating a balanced diet every day.  What does that mean?  Choose whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and legumes for the base of all your meals.  Yes, proteins like meat, seafood, and poultry are still good choices; go for leaner cuts and smaller portions.

Focusing on less fat prevents unwanted bathroom breaks and tummy aches.  And don’t forget your CARBS.  I know this seems like an evil word, but it’s really a lifesaver!  First, your body REQUIRES carbohydrates to function (you don't want your brain turning to mush), and it really needs carbs to feed your muscles when you’re stressing it out with high intensity physical activity like cycling.  Eating about 55-60% of your calories from carbs is recommended during the training weeks leading up to the big day.  

What if I’m trying to lose some of my love handles during training?
No problem. Eating a lower fat diet is an excellent first step.  You should still eat 3-5 regular meals/snacks a day with 55-60% calories from carbs.  Remember, you need carbs to burn that fat! Metabolizing fat for energy requires some carbohydrate; "fat burns in the flame of carbohydrates."  

In the days leading up to the RIDE, NO DIETING!
Why?  After months of training your quads, you'll ride better if you don't eat them!  Once your body uses your carbs for energy and finishes burning off the fat in your body, then it starts working on your muscles.  Eat a minimum of 300 Calories every hour, primarily from carbohydrates during the RIDE.

TEST your stomach!
One of the most important steps you can take to prepare for the RIDE is TEST, TEST, TEST.

(1) Test how long prior to the start of the RIDE you need to eat.  If you eat one hour before you jump on the bike, will you need to use the restroom within 30 minutes?  Will you have cramps or nausea? Can you tolerate a big breakfast of eggs, bacon, and toast?  Or do you need to stick with a bagel and a banana?

(2) Before any big physical activity event, you should ALWAYS find out what is going to be provided and what foods and drinks you can tolerate.  Your body handles foods and drinks you normally eat very differently when you’re moving and sweating and downing liquids.

Foods and beverages that are usually available at the pit stops and lunch are:
- granola bars (chocolate chip, peanut butter, oat and honey)
- fruit (bananas, apples)
- peanut butter
- bread, potato chips or pretzels
- fruit snacks
- baked goods (cookies or brownies)
- deli sandwiches or salads
- soda, gatorade, and water.
Try eating these foods on days you ride to make sure that you won’t have an unhappy pitstop in a port-a-potty or an unplanned pitstop in a bush on the side of the road.

Remember, you can email me at  Good luck!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Details about Training Ride on April 29

Hello Ride for the Feast Riders!

Details about this Sunday’s Training Ride follow:
Date:  April 29, 2012 – This Sunday!
Time: Meet at 8:30AM and be ready to ride out by 9:00am
Start Location: Kent Narrows on the eastern side of the Kent Narrows Bridge

Directions: Take route 50 east over the Bay Bridge. Continue on route 50 and go over the Kent Narrows Bridge.  Take the first exit after crossing the bridge and then make a right, another right, and a quick left  into the parking lot under the Kent Narrows Bridge.  This is about 1 hour from Baltimore. I will be parked under the bridge in a silver Hyundai wagon.

Ride Details: This is a 44 mile, flat ride on the eastern side of the Bay Bridge.  Views of the Bay make this a great ride – oh, and did I mention it was flat...  Don’t worry if you have not done 40 miles yet.  This ride is a good one to do. 

What to bring: HELMET!!!, sunglasses, gloves, water bottles, nutrition.  There is a BP gas station at about the 1/3 and 2/3 points of the ride we can stop to refill water and/or use the bathroom.

Contact details: You can email me up until the night before:
Or you can call me anytime that morning starting at 7am: 410-320-2512. Please note that cell phones don’t work under the bridge so I probably won’t be able to receive calls after about 8AM. Just leave a message and I’ll get back to you.

I am riding rain or shine. We might as well get used to getting wet in case it rains during the Ride for the Feast. So far the forecast for Sunday looks pretty good so come on and ride!

See you there,


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April 28 Event - get your tickets today!!!

celebrates logo

Baltimore's newest brewing endeavor, 

Stillwater Artisanal Ales

Stillwater logo
Food & Beer: Life is Good
A Benefit Dinner for Moveable Feast
Saturday, April 28, 2012
Dinner begins promptly at 7:00 pm
Tickets are $75 each
Call Gertrude's 410.889.3399
to purchase tickets.
Come enjoy a Five-Course (+ 1) Dinner specially prepared by Gertrude's
to be paired with outstanding selections of Stillwater Artisanal Ales.
Stillwater folks will be on hand at this seated dinner to discuss each beer offered, and to visit with guests to talk beer.

$25 (of each $75 ticket price) is tax-deductible as a donation to Moveable Feast.

Tickets are sold in advance; they will not be available at the door.

Tables will be reserved for guests as tickets are purchased.
Food and Beer: Life is Good Menu
Fried Stillwater Artisanal Ale's "Folklore" Ice Cream Empanada
Blood Orange Scallop & Shrimp Ceviche
Served over Hampden MiniFarm's micro arugula,
paired with Stillwater's "Cellar Door"
Beet & Goat Cheese Napoleon Stack
Served with Chesapeake Greenhouse baby red romaine
tossed in a strawberry-poppy seed vinaigrette,
paired with Stillwater's "Premium Post Prohibition Ale"
Chesapeake Seafood Cake
With local crab & rockfish, accompanied by asparagus,
paired with Stillwater's "Our Side"
Braised Short Ribs
Served with a pancetta & roasted tomato potato salad,
paired with Stillwater's "Existent"
Coffee, Mascarpone & Chocolate Tart
Accompanied by a roasted cocoa nib tuille,
paired with Stillwater's "Folklore"

John Shields Celebrates Fine Chesapeake Cuisine at the BMA
10 Art Museum Drive
Baltimore, Maryland 21218

Friday, April 6, 2012

This Weekend: Training Ride, Yard Sale, Roller Disco, and Max's Taphouse!

 Share your Saturday with us!
Start your day with a training ride, then stop by the Fierce Yard Sale for some funky finds!  Next meet us for 80's Rollder Disco and from there, head to Max's Taphouse to finish your awesome Saturday!
All details below!
Ride Leader: Ted Blankenship, cell: 410-375-8993
ADDRESS: 415 Andover Road, Linthicum Hts, MD, 21090
8 AM - 1 PM - Fierce Yard Sale
address: 329 East 31st Street, Baltimore, MD (It is right around the corner from the Waverly Farmers Market.)
There will be a wide variety of items from baby clothes and toys to furniture, glassware and other oddities! Proceeds benefit Team Fierce Chicks!  Don't miss this Fierce Yard Sale!!
7:00 - 80's Roller Disco
address: Shake & Bake, 1601 Pennsylvania Ave., Baltimore, MD 21217
From 7:00 - 10:00 PM, stop by Shake & Bake to join us for this great roller skating event!! Enjoy some great 80's Roller Disco with the Charm City Roller Girls, benefitting Team Bike Curious! Click here to see more details.
9 PM - Drink for a Purpose @ Max's Taphouse
Max's Taphouse, 737 South Broadway, Baltimore MD 21231
Join us and you could be full of it too -- full of great beer!  Join Team With A Purpose (We're Full Of It!) and enjoy Max's 140 rotating drafts, 5 hand-pumped cask ales and world spanning collection of approximately 1200 bottled beers in stock.  What can get better than that? Get samples of almost any beer on tap! No cover to enter Max's and 100% of whatever you donate will go to benefit the clients and services of Moveable Feast!

Here is a brief look at what's to come in April:
All event titles are clickable links! The links will lead you to the event flyer or the events calender - locate the event on the calender to see full event details.
4/12 - 4/14 - Spa & Beauty Treatments at Diva By Cindy (15% of proceeds benefits Moveable Feast)
4/12 @ 6:00pm - Meet the Feast
4/13 @ 5:00pm - Happy Hour at Supano's
4/17 @ Lunch/Dinner - Sticky Rice host: Tend For A Cause (15% of lunch & dinner sales benefits RFTF)
4/21 @ 8:30am - Lake Anna Century Classic (contact Pez if interested at )
4/21 @ 7:00pm - Play for the Feast

4/21 @ 5:00pm - Atomic Tiki Party!
4/28 @ 7:00pm - Food & Beer: Life is Good (buy your tickets today!!)