Friday, April 27, 2012

RFTF RIDERS - Important Bus & Bike Details

Calling all registered Ride for the Feast cyclists:
Please read the information below to understand how to purchase a bus ticket, when/where the bus is leaving from & when you need to drop-off your bike at Moveable Feast.

Not sure if you bought a bus ticket?
Click here to see an entire purchase list (updated on April 30, 5 PM).

Bus Ticket
Deadline to buy: Wednesday, May 2, Click here to buy a bus ticket.
Bus Depature Information
- Date: Friday, May 18
- Time:  Please plan to arrive around noon, as the bus is planning to leave by 12:30 pm.
- Location: Johns Hopkins Orleans Street Garage
- Parking Info: Free parking will be provided – but please carpool if possible
- Note: No physical bus ticket will be sent to you; instead you will check-in with a Moveable Feast staff member when you arrive to the parking garage on 5/18.

You will keep your luggage on the bus with you.  However your bike needs to be dropped off at Moveable Feast earlier that day, or earlier that week.

Bikes Drop-Off Information
Bikes are transported to Ocean City by moving trucks.  To have your bike transported, you must drop if off at Moveable Feast during one of the time's below:- Tuesday, May 15 from 5pm to 7pm
- Wednesday, May 16  from 7am to 5pm
- Thursday, May 17 from 7am to 5pm
- Friday, May 18 from 7am to 12:00pm

 If the times above are inconvenient for you, we can work together to find another time.  There is no charge associated with transporting the bikes; only for taking the bus.

- Drop-Off Location: Moveable Feast, Our offices are located at 901 North Milton Avenue, which is a short drive to the Johns Hopkins Orleans Stret Garage.

Bikes Pick-Up Information

- Pick-Up Location: Atlantic United Methodist Church, Ocean City, MD
- Pick-Up Date/Time: Friday, May 18, between 3:00 - 5:00 PM
- Pick-Up Procedures:  Once we arrive to Ocean City, you will check-in and claim your bike.  You are responsible for your bike and will take it with you to your lodging accommodations for the evening.

Thank you for your hard work training, fundraising and recruiting riders/crew!

Me (left) and Moveable Feast
volunteer, Emily Sze!

Please contact me with any questions:
Elana Kanter, Events Manager @ Moveable Feast
410.327.3420 x11

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