Thursday, March 12, 2009

So THAT'S how it feels when you haven't been to spin class all winter...

Welcome to Blog for the Feast 2009! Planning for the 2009 Ride for the Feast (RFTF) is happening in full force. This year we are getting down with technology where and whenever possible to promote the Ride. We're Twittering fundraising events, training rides, ride orientations, etc. And now we've got this blog, where I'll be writing about prepping for this event.

Like last night, when I talked myself into going to spin class. Don't get me wrong, I love spinning with Teresa at Meadow Mill. (Ok, "love" might be a strong word for the hurt she serves, but she's super nice and plays good music.) But I'm recovering from a lower back injury and yesterday was only my first totally pain free day. I wasn't sure that ending with spin class would be a good idea, but I had these new cycling shoes I wanted to try and as so often happens in my life, the shoes won.

In the end, I'm glad they did. With RFTF fast approaching, I wanted and needed to get back on a bike--even a stationary one. I've been doing a lot (for me) of yoga, but I hadn't been spinning or riding in months and I knew I was deconditioned. About 15 minutes into class, I realized that I'd already drained almost an entire water bottle. I thought, "I am screwed." But I just let myself have a little more warm-up time before joining the rest of the class in hand position number 3 and sure enough, I was fine. Then better than fine--happy. Then, exhausted--but excited. This was just the first of many, many spin classes and outdoor rides that will be part of my RFTF training, and I'm stoked to feel myself getting stronger and especially to see friends I haven't ridden with since last year.

Chair, Ride for the Feast 2009

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