Monday, March 22, 2010

Fundraiser Recap - Team BikeCurious "Moveable Feets"

Team BikeCurious captain, Clyde Duplichan, recaps their Saturday, March 15 "Moveable Feets" fundraiser. Make sure to check out the video as well.

Congrats to Team BikeCurious for a fun and successful event!

On Saturday night, March 15, 150 people gathered at the Metro Gallery to boogie, shimmies, shake-some even did jumping jacks-at Moveable Feets - a dance party and contest to support Moveable Feast's annual 140 mile biking extravaganza, Ride for the Feast. This dance event was a first-time fundraiser for Team BikeCurious. A sense of pure unfettered good cheer ruled the night! Everyone who attended had a contestant number pinned to their backs as "celebrity" judges roamed the crowd-and sometimes danced with it as well-taking notes on which attendees best fit the following catagories:
  • So Cute We Puked Dancing Couple
  • Awesomest Dancer
  • Most Inventive Dance Move (or Who Knew a Body Could Move Like That)
  • Best Rhythmic Dancer
  • Most Affected "Dancer" (Too Cool for School)
  • Dance Floor Slut (referring to quantity not quality of said dancing)
  • Biggest Bribe (or You're So Good At This, You Could Have Been a Lobbyist)
  • Dancer that Best Imitated an Aerobics Dancer
Speaking of bribes, all attendees were directed to the Bribery Currency Exchange Table where they could trade in their cold hard cash for BikeCurious Bribery Dollards with which to bribe the judges. Our celebrity pane included Baltimore sculptor, Sondheim prize winner and cultural saboteur Laure Drogoul, Baltimore City Paper Arts Editor Bret McCabe, and Charm City Roller Girl bruiser Flo Shizzle. Voter fraud and election rigging was strongly encouraged and deftly accomplished. Bribery Bucks were flying everywhere!

There was a wide variety of music to ensure that a broad swath of attendees would be seduced into dance. And it worked. At the end of the night, the dance floor was teeming with a divers set of folks who you might not ever see in one place again-from Dundalkians to Station Northers-sweating and laughing together. Not the mention one hula hoop and a lot of freestyle dance moves.

The night started with DJ John Eaton setting the tone for the evening. He also kept the dance floor heated and steamy during the set changes between bands. At 9pm Humble Tripe took the stage. We were incredibly lucky that they were in town for one night and wanted to donate their time. Humble Tripe played a nice set of combination folk-rock-americana-classical music to warm the crowd up. And for those with queer/punk rock history, folks go an unexpected small venu performance from self taught pop-punk drummer extraordinaire of Team Dresch and The Butchies fame Melissa York.

Local all-girl queer art rock power trio The Degenerettes played at 10pm and amped the energy level with their bass-driven jangly fuzzy garage rock and soul. Seriously, there was some serious jammin' and dancin' in the house. Kristen Anchor, the group's drummer, is riding the 140 miles for her first time this year and was one of the powers behind this event. Lead singer and songwriter Rahne Alexander served as emcee for the entire night.

Finally, Baltimore's premeire Motown and Soul band, The Motorettes, specializing in Motown and Stax Records hits from the 50's, 60's and 70's. When is the last time you saw a 6 piece female fronted band complete with horn and keyboard with coordinating black tuxedo suits a la Blues Brothers? Anyone who wasn't already on the dance floor made a quick migration there...and stayed. They made even the most jaded in the crowd put any reserve of dignity aside.

The three bands, the DJ, and the venue all donated their time for this event and all can't wait to do it again.

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