Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Team Atomic Tapas & Sangria Recap

Last month, Team Atomic hosted a very successful Spanish Tapas & Sangria Fundraiser. RFTF volunteer and co-host of the event, Diana Giglio, provides a recap from her point of view.

Friday 1/14 – Buy remaining food for menu. Cook and chop, skewer things and peel shrimp. Lots of them. Sleep at 1:00 AM, contentedly.

Sat 1/15 – Rise early. Husband rises even earlier, cooks most of the menu and picks up restaurant door prize donation (Thank you, Carrol’s Creek in Annapolis!) Pack up car, feeling pretty organized.

1:44 PM – Email Shaun and Sheila, co-hosts (and willing-sharer of the most awesome house ever), we’re running late.

2:30 PM – Arrive at house. Ring doorbell. No one answers, wonder if co-hosts are out, and then laugh when after calling Shaun says “well…just COME IN!” Teamwork, unpacking cars.

3:01 PM – Call Becky. Need ice.

3:10 PM – Call Lisa. Need more ice.

4:00 PM – Football fans arrive. Who cares about Tapas, game’s coming on!

Becky, Lisa, Jules and Co. join…set up for Team Atomic calendar sales and bring Sangria!

Kitchen busy (thanks, Martha from Café Boheme!, the Callahan family and others).

5:30 PM - Food on. Marion like a fish in water, ready to feed 60, no sweat.

Event progresses!

Event supporters, friends and family arrive. Non-football fans scavenger hunt, trivia’s ready but we never get to it. Too much fun meeting new people, eating and watching the game, playing basketball even in high heels. (Yes, there’s a bedroom converted into a basketball court and you find you just can’t help yourself...).

Game half-time: football fans eat. Jules gives lovely thank you to our guests and lets them know just how their donations will be used by Moveable Feast. Somewhere in it all, game half-time or game over, we count out the raffle tickets and award a festive Sangria-basket and prizes. Before the night is over, live keyboard music, maybe even drums and singing starts…a future Luau fun-raising event idea forms.

Some folks think about joining for the 140 mile ride – yes!

9:00 PM – Confirmed, every drop of Sangria - 5 apparently yummy varieties – gone. People have discovered there’s a new beverage that goes along with football!

Kitchen cleanup: teamwork is a beautiful thing.

Becky announces the best news ever: we have together raised $1,500!! 

Even people who could not attend send contributions with friends, THANK YOU.

Yep, community fun-raising. AWESOME!

Congratulations to Team Atomic on a fantastic event! Special thanks to the hosts Marion Penn, Diana Giglio, & Shaun, Sheila, and Jack Callahan.

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