Thursday, March 31, 2011

"Vote for the T-Shirt Design"

Hey Riders!

You should have received the latest News Bites, Ride Edition yesterday, Wednesday March 30th, 2011.

This edition was pretty short, but went over important information about reserving your travel and hotel for the weekend of the Ride. Be sure to check it out and read it carefully to verify that you have booked EVERYTHING you need!

On a more exciting note, it also went over the RFTF T-Shirt Contest! Cast your vote here for your favorite of the 4 competing designs.

Topics Included:
1. Choose the Winning Design
2. Bus/Hotel Reservation Deadlines
3. Travel Arrangements
4. Outdoor Training Rides
5. Crew Opportunities
6. Ride Stats
7. Coming Up This Week
8. Save the Date
9. Event Photos

Click here to visit the eNewsletters section of our website to view the March 30th News Bites, Ride Edition and previous ones in the archive.

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