Monday, April 6, 2009

This is what volunteering looks like

I led Sunday's 23-mile training ride through Quiet Waters Park and around suburban Annapolis. The sun was out, the previous day's biblical winds had died down, the company was fine, and the views were perfect. Debbie asked if I lived in the area, figuring that must be why I volunteered to lead the rides in the Annapolis area. I think by the end of our ride, she understood that volunteering to cruise in the early Spring sunshine along the water, smelling the sweet honeysuckle and the savory shoreline and the fresh-cut grass was hardly a selfless act on my part. My only disappointment was having to rely on my cameraphone to take pictures, having failed to remember my proper camera. I'll be leading this ride again during the training season. In fact, it's our last training ride before the big Ride weekend--definitely a nice way to wind down and relax before heading to Rehoboth to take on the eastern shore.

Chair, RFTF2009

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