Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Work: what happens between two great weekends

Last Saturday's training ride was preceded by a bike maintenance clinic at Joe's Bike Shop in Mt. Washington and followed by a pot-luck brunch and orientation at the home of RFTF co-chair, Jules. Between Joe's humorous take on tire inflation and the various uses of bacon demonstrated at the brunch, it hardly mattered it rained non-stop during the training ride between them. (I just hope my SIDI shoes will dry out before spin class tonight.) Thanks to everyone who came to the clinic, ride, or orientation. It was great to meet new riders and reconnect with returning riders.

Speaking of Joe, at the post-ride orientation, he said something interesting about fundraising for an event like this. As a local business owner, he gets dozens of requests for help from organizations and individuals involved in charity events--too many to help them all. He explained that he chose to be part of our event when he saw the level of commitment from our riders and volunteers. By pledging to reach specific goals (riding 140 miles, raising $1200), and by doing it in such a grass-roots way (100% of profits going to Moveable Feast, no big event planning company taking a percentage of what we've raised), we send a clear message about the importance of Moveable Feast to our community. We're not just in it for the tee shirt; as Joe said, "you guys are what charity rides are supposed to be." Right back at you, Joe--you guys are what a local bike shop is supposed to be.

This coming weekend, we've got two great training rides scheduled: one on Saturday around Loch Raven Resevoir, and one on Sunday around Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis. (The full, detailed training schedule is on the
Ride for the Feast website.) Fingers crossed for better weather than last weekend. Both routes are lovely, and even though the worst day on the bike is better than the best day in the office, I'd still rather there be sun...

Chair, Ride for the Feast 2009

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