Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Meet the Feast on April 20th"

Hey Riders!

You should have received the latest News Bites, Ride Edition last Wednesday, April 6th, 2011. 

This edition was pretty exciting - it introduced the Meet the Feast event. Riders and Crew, how much do you REALLY know about Moveable Feast? Here is your chance to see exactly how valuable your $1,300 and 140-miles are to us. Meet the Feast on April 20th! 

Remember, as you fundraise, please snap a few pictures and send them to Emily at esze@mfeast.org! We can't be present at every single fundraiser to document and take pictures, but we'd still like to be able to add your snapshots to our official albums.

Topics Included:
1. Meet the Feast  
2. Saturday's Training Ride
3. Family & Friends

4. Travel Arrangements
5. Vote for the T-Shirt Design
6. Ride Stats  
7. Coming Up This Week
8. Save the Date 
9. Event Photos 

Click here to visit the eNewsletters section of our website to view the April 6th News Bites, Ride Edition and previous ones in the archive.

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