Friday, April 15, 2011


Hey Riders!

You should have received the latest News Bites, Ride Edition on Wednesday, April 13th, 2011.

First things first - Tomorrow's training ride with David Andrews in Washington, DC has been CANCELLED due to inclement weather. However, the Ride is only a few weeks away and you should try to shoot for a 50-miler training ride this weekend to ensure you are on track to ride 100 miles on May 14th.

Team Atomic will be holding two 50-mile training rides this Sunday - one on the Eastern Shore, and one in Baltimore. See below for details, and don't forget to check the outdoor training ride schedule for complete information.

Crab Route -- Eastern Shore
Team Atomic teammates Misty and Taj are coordinating driving from Hampden to @ 8:30 on Sunday to go to the Eastern Shore and doing a 50ish mile ride there. The start point is N. Cross Street and Maple Avenue in Rock Hall. Driving directions: take 50 South across bridge to 301, take Centerville /RT 213 (North or East) Bears Left @ Churchill stay on 213 cross water turns into Maple. If you have any questions you can call Misty at 443-610-9680.

Tour Du Port 2010 50 Mile Route
If you want to ride closer to home, a few of us are planning to do one of the Tour Du Ports routes Sunday. We're planning to do the 2010 50 mile route. We'll meet at the corner of Boston and South Clinton Streets at 9AM! Also, Alfredo wants to ride to the start point from his house off Keswick. So if you want to join him, get in touch with him ( Call Lisa at 410-419-2445 if you have questions.

This News Bites edition also covered a neat tactic that you might want to employ in your fundraising endeavors - premium offers. Incentivize your donations! Offer potential donors a gift or prize in return for donating a specific amount. You'll be surprised at how many more people you'll encourage to donate.

Topics Included:
1. 50-Miler Training Ride
2. Premium Offers
3. Meet the Feast

4. Bus Arrangements
5. Hotel Reservations
6. Outdoor Training Rides
7. Family & Friends
8. Ride Stats
9. Coming Up This Week
10. Save the Date
11. Fundraiser Photos

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