Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Riders: Things you MUST know for RFTF 2012 (pt. 3 of 3)

Please contact Elana if you need any help with your training or fundraising.  Crew: Another post will be dedicated to your check-in information and other important crew related details.

**Please Note: Alcohol & Smoking Policy for Saturday
Chesapeake College has a strict rule that there will be NO ALCOHOL and NO SMOKING on the campus during the event.  We ask that you please respect this rule to allow for us to continue to utilize their space for this year's ride and for future Ride for the Feast events.  If we see you consuming alcohol or smoking on campus, we will ask that you dispose of it.
We also ask that throughout the remainder of the weekend, you respect the policy of the places hosting us and refrain from drinking alcohol or smoking if asked not to do so. 

Sunday Weekend Schedule
When you check-in, you'll receive a rider goody bag with important information, including a copy of the finalized weekend schedule. We ill review important weekend details at dinner on Friday & Saturday.
7:00am  -- Eat the Breakfast Served at your Hotel
Staying at the college?  There is a catered breakfast starting at 7 AM as well.
     8:00am   --    Rider pick-up from Hotels in Easton & driven to ride start at Broadneck Park
Carry your luggage with you on the bus.
            8:15am  --    Rider pick-up from Chesapeake College
Put luggage on truck by 7:45 AM or hold your luggage until Broadneck Park
  9:00am --    Ride out!
Every rider must check-in at each pit stop.
  11:00- 1:00pm   --   Gather at pit stop #3: American Visionary Arts Museum.
As a group, we will ride the final miles across Baltimore City to the finish line at Moveable Feast.
      1:30/2:00pm   --   Arrive at Moveable Feast; Closing Ceremony begins.
  1:30pm onward   --   Bus transportation available to drive riders to their cars at the Johns Hopkins
                                   Parking Garage.

6 important details about Day 2:
1. Where is my bike?
When you arrive to Chesapeake College on Saturday afternoon, everyone will store their bikes in the gym at the college.  Early Sunday morning, all bikes will be carefully transported to the ride start location at Broadneck Park.  When you arrive to Broadneck Park, you will claim your bike!

2. What do I do with my luggage?
- Staying at Chesapeake College?  By 7:45 AM Sunday morning, you should load your luggage directly on one of our Penske moving trucks.  Otherwise, take your luggage with you on the busses and load it on the trucks when you arrive to Broadneck Park.
- Staying at Hotels in Easton?  Take your luggage WITH YOU on the buses and load it on the trucks when you arrive to Broadneck Park.

3. What should I carry with me during the Ride?
Your luggage will be transported on moving trucks while you ride.  Please carry your i.d. with you and the following items:  water bottle, cue sheet holder, cell phone, and cash.

4. Pit Stop Check In
On Sunday, there are three pit stops, placed about every 10 miles throughout the route.  These stops are indicated on your cue sheet and include opening times.  When you arrive at each pit stop, there will be crew there to check you in.  You MUST make sure you check in at each pit stop, otherwise, we will assume you are lost.  Please help us avoid unnecessarily going through the efforts to find you if that is not needed.
Each pit stop has bathrooms, water, Gatorade plus a variety of snacks & fruit to keep you fueled throughout the Ride.  The third pit stop on Sunday is a staging area at the American Visionary Arts Museum.  All riders will gather here until around 1:00 PM; at which point, as a group we will ride the final miles across the city to the finish line at Moveable Feast.

5. Support and Gear Vehicles (SAG)
There are 10 official Support and Gear vehicles for the Ride for the Feast weekend.  Additionally, there will be a medical team from Johns Hopkins Lifeline.  On each cue sheet, you'll have two phone numbers: one to the Lifeline medical van and the other to me.  Call 911 immediately for any emergency during the Ride weekend.  If you need a SAG or bike tech, you'll call me!
(1)    Riders must use official SAGs only.  If you need to stop early or skip ahead a few pits, you must do so in an official, marked SAG vehicle. If you wish to leave with a friend or family member, they can pick you up at the pit stop to which the SAG takes you.
(2)    Only official SAGs allows on cyclist route.  This week, we'll distribute driving directions and pit stop locations for volunteers and supporters to use.  We ask that you help us reinforce these policies, to keep only official SAGs and emergency vehicles on the route.  Trust us, less cars on the route will make the ride easier for you and easier for you to access help if needed.

6. Sunday Closing Ceremony Details
When you arrive to the finish line at Moveable Feast, you will hand-off your bike to a volunteer.  Your bikes will be stored during the closing ceremony luncheon.  We will ride in as a group, so closing ceremony will start around 2:00 PM.  Closing ceremony will take place in the community center on the third floor of our building.  Lunch will be served with a brief program.  There will be transportation available to take you to the Johns Hopkins Orleans St. Garage.

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